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Is Your CV Costing You Interviews? 5 Common Mistakes to Fix NOW

We’ve all been there. You spend HOURS crafting the perfect CV (or résumé, if that’s your preferred term!), hit submit, and…crickets. It’s frustrating! Often, it’s not about your experience; it’s small mistakes that send your application to the digital trash bin.

That’s why I’ve created a FREE “CV Mistakes to Avoid” checklist. It pinpoints the most common issues that can sabotage an otherwise great CV:

  • Is your objective statement putting recruiters to sleep?
  • Are keywords sabotaging your chances of getting past those automated systems?
  • Does your CV focus too much on duties and not enough on results?

Ready to make sure your CV is an interview magnet, not a liability?

5 Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Mistake 1: The Boring Objective
    • Example: “Seeking a challenging position to utilise my skills.” (Yawn!)
    • Why It’s Bad: Generic objectives don’t tell the employer what YOU bring to the table.
    • Checklist Fix: A targeted personal statement highlighting key skills and your value proposition.
  • Mistake 2: Keyword Neglect
    • Example: Your CV is full of great experience, but it doesn’t match the job ad’s wording.
    • Why It’s Bad: Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) often filter CVs for keywords. No match = no interview.
    • Checklist Fix: Analyse the job description and strategically include those keywords in your CV.
  • Mistake 3: Duty Dumpster Dive
    • Example: Listing tasks like “Answered phones” instead of focusing on outcomes.
    • Why It’s Bad: Employers want to see how you made an impact, not just what you did.
    • Checklist Fix: Quantify your results! “Reduced customer wait times by 20%.”

  • Mistake 4: Formatting Fails
    • Example: Inconsistent fonts, crowded text, or a generally messy layout.
    • Why It’s Bad: A poorly formatted CV looks unprofessional and makes it hard to find key info.
    • Checklist Fix: Use clear headings, bullet points, and whitespace to make your CV skimmable.
  • Mistake 5: The Proofread Miss
    • Example: A silly typo in your contact info or a glaring grammatical error.
    • Why It’s Bad: Errors scream “I don’t care about details,” which is not a good look.
    • Checklist Fix: Proofread meticulously, and have a friend give it a fresh look.

The Power of a Polished CV

A well-crafted CV isn’t just about getting the interview; it’s about showing your value and professionalism from the first glance. That’s what my checklist is designed to help you do.

Ready to make sure your CV isn’t working against you? Contact me!

Let Me Know:

What’s the most frustrating CV mistake YOU’VE seen (or made!)? Share in the comments!

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