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The 4-Question Trick for Supercharging Your CV Bullet Points

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Ever stare at your CV, wishing those bullet points would magically transform into an interview invitation? It can feel like your skills and experience are just blending into a sea of bland, generic statements. But there’s a simple strategy to elevate your CV and ensure it captures the attention it deserves.

Introducing the 4-Question Test:

I too grappled with this challenge until I got introduced to the 4-Question Test: This technique helped me refine my resume bullet points, it zeroes in on what genuinely resonates with employers, allowing me to highlight my skills compellingly. Here’s how you can do the same:

The Questions: Your Bullet Point Power-Up:

  • Q1: Why does this matter to them? Understand the employer’s perspective – what are they looking for?
  • Q2: What do I want them to remember? Focus on a key skill or achievement, rather than duties.
  • Q3: How does this confirm I’m the right fit? Utilise relevant keywords that align with the job listing.
  • Q4: Is this universally comprehensible? Ensure clarity and avoid niche jargon, aiming for broad understanding.

The Transformation: Example Time:

Original Bullet: “Managed social media accounts.”

Step 1: Applying the Questions

  • Q1: Why does this matter to them? Most employers looking for social media experience want results, not just vague “management.”
  • Q2: What do I want them to take away? Do I want to highlight content creation, audience growth, analytics knowledge? Choose ONE focus.
  • Q3: How does this prove I can handle the job? Match keywords to the jobs you want. If they mention ‘engagement,’ emphasise that!
  • Q4: Would an outsider get it? Yes, but it’s incredibly basic. Can we elevate the language a bit?

Step 2: Revision Possibilities

Here are a few revisions, each with a slightly different emphasis:

Content Creation Focus: “Developed engaging social media content that increased brand awareness.”
Audience Growth Focus: “Increased Instagram following by 15% through targeted content campaigns.”
Analytics Focus: “Analysed social media metrics to refine strategies, boosting engagement by 20%.”

Step 3: The ‘Why’ of Each Revision

They address Q1 directly: Show results, not just duties.
Each answers Q2 clearly: Specific skill is showcased.
Q3 is handled indirectly: Keywords like “content,” “engagement,” and “metrics” come through naturally.
They pass Q4: Still understandable, but more impactful language.

Your Turn!

Eager to experiment? Post one of your CV’s lacklustre bullet points below. I’ll assist in its transformation, fostering a collaborative space for us all to learn and improve your CV bullet points. Let’s spotlight your expertise!

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