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How often should you audit

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Is the technology your business uses reliable? Can your employees count on it to do their jobs effectively? It’s important that you be able to answer this question with confidence, and the best way to do that is with a thorough technology audit.

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Office 365, app password

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I have seen a number of posts of companies having a problem with enabling App Passwords for their organisation as they would like to access our emails from outside. They have enabled 2 factor authentication and still app password is not there.

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Working remotely in 2022? Here are tips to work productively

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Since the Covid-19 pandemic turned the global workforce upside down, many organizations have chosen to embrace the remote work initiative as their long-term strategy.

With benefits like not having to pay to lease a physical office and eliminating the rush-hour commute, working remotely was an easy choice for some companies. And let’s not forget the improved work-life balance that remote work can present. Study shows employees who work from home are 22% happier than workers who always have to report into an on-site office location.

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Tech Tips 2022

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We’re half way past 2022 now, and I hope you have had a smooth ride. There is no other time than now to look into your technology for the remaining of 2022 and beyond.

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