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How to Spot a Phishing Email in 30 Seconds

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Recent statistics highlight the escalating issue of phishing scams in New Zealand, with substantial financial losses and numerous incidents going unreported. New Zealanders lost a staggering $2 billion to scams last year. Don’t let phishing emails steal from you too! Learn to spot them in seconds. Understanding how to identify a phishing email is crucial for safeguarding your personal information and assets.

30-Second Checklist to spot phishing email:

  • Sender’s Address: Is it from an authentic company domain, or are there subtle misspellings?
  • Sense of Urgency: Phrases like “Act NOW or your account will be closed!” are common in phishing emails.
  • Unbelievable Offers: If an offer appears too good to be true, it likely is.
  • Unexpected Attachments: Avoid clicking on any unexpected files.
  • Links: Hover over links to verify their destination. Are they directing you to legitimate or suspicious websites?

What to Do when you spot phishing email:

  • Report any dubious emails to the impersonated company and your IT department, if relevant.
  • Never disclose personal information via email.
  • If unsure, contact the company directly through their verified channels.

My role as a consultant

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, staying informed about cybersecurity threats is paramount. I specialise in helping organisations select secure email platforms and train their staff to recognise these phishing indicators. Ensuring your team is knowledgeable is a fundamental step towards enhancing your cybersecurity posture. Interested in fortifying your defenses against phishing? Let’s discuss how we can collaborate.

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