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Why you should take up my CV writing service

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First and foremost, my service is donation based. There are other reasons that you would want to get a new CV, here are some.

  • Your current CV isn’t getting results: If you’re firing off your CV but never getting interviews, it may be time to get some honest feedback. A professional writer will immediately be able to spot mistakes or anything that a recruiter may find off putting.
  • You’re not a natural salesperson. It’s really hard to sell yourself – how can you show off your achievements and value without sounding like you’re bragging? A professional CV writer will work with you to identify your most saleable attributes and present them in a professional, non-boastful way. Selling yourself, or even identifying your value, doesn’t come naturally to most people. But remember, if you don’t toot your own trumpet, no-one will hear you coming! You need a recruiter to sit up and take notice when your CV lands on their desk. A good professionally written CV will make this happen.
  • You want to present the best version of you. A professional CV writer spends all day, every day, looking at CVs and job descriptions. They understand what works and what is required to sell you to a potential employer. A good writer will spend time talking to you, to understand your desired career path and how your professionally written CV should be worded, structured and presented to get you there. By asking targeted questions, your writer will gain insight into your working style, achievements, ambitions and skills, and use this information to present the key information to a recruiter.
  • You don’t understand ATS (Applicant Tracking System) requirements. These days, most medium to large companies will use ATS to perform the first scan of CVs, creating a shortlist before a human has even touched them. Your CV writer will be able to format and word your CV in a way that appeals to both humans and computers. It’s likely that your writer will already have a good understanding of the keywords required on your CV to enable you to progress in your chosen career path. If you provide some examples of job adverts that you’re interested in, however, your writer will also analyse the adverts to ensure that every relevant keyword, skill and attribute is captured on your professionally written CV.
  • You haven’t hit the job market for years. CV trends and expectations change. You don’t want to make yourself look out-of-touch by presenting an outdated CV. Fortunately, a professional CV writer will be aware of the latest changes and can advise you accordingly.

So why me?

I love what I do and am ready to power up your CV and give it that edge that potential employers want to land on their desk.

No hefty price tags! The main thing that can be seen across the CV writing board is the extortionate price tag that other companies quote their customers. I work for donation, generally around $50 mark. At the end of the day, I understand that if you are looking for a new job or thinking about leaving your existing one, expenses will already be high so why add to the stress of the cost of living?

Affordability does not mean poor in quality.

I’d like to let you know that just because my prices are lower, this doesn’t mean that I compromise on quality. No way! I pride myself with offering lost costs AND delivering excellence.

Words are so important to me (as you know about the ATS bots scanning for those all-important keywords), I always bear this in mind for whichever industry you are currently in or looking to break into. My aim is to make sure your CV is never missed and gets the attention it deserves.

Quick turnaround.

​I know how important it is to have an awesome CV ready in time for an application you’ve seen or just so that you have it ready on the side. That’s why Recruit IT ensures that your CV is completed within a short time frame.

I understand that a CV is a personal thing and i want to make sure you are happy with your CV.