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Reddit NZ Job Board

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Unlike other social media networks, Reddit is not about gaining followers, likes, and comments. It is about sharing ideas and discussions. I have started to enjoy reddit now, 9 years later.

Five main advantages of Reddit, according to amazing hiring:

  • There is a community about every subject.
  • Reddit community is uniquely engaged in comparison to other social networks.
  • It is great not only for recruiting but also allows you to get to know the candidates from your industry better.
  • Reddit is an untapped goldmine of passive candidates. Strict community rules and text-heavy layouts confuse many recruiters and put them off using the platform.
  • The tech audience loves hanging out on Reddit.

Reddit also is beneficial to job hunters. Reddit is an overlooked resource when it comes to job hunting. If building work connections on LinkedIn and Facebook isn’t your cup of tea, you can turn to Reddit to showcase your skills instead. You can also stay in the loop about work opportunities in your field without relying on any professional associations.

I have decided to create a NZ local board, generally with NZ in the word of subreddits, why don’t you head on over to my profile and see.