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Why I ditched O365 for iCloud+

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So, you are heavily invested in the Apple echo system, and you are subscribed to iCloud+ for storage, music etc.

With the release of iOS 15.4, Apple has added the ability for users with paid iCloud+ plans to create custom email domains directly on their iPhone.
When you subscribe to ‌iCloud‌+ (prices start at $0.99) you can use custom domains to send and receive email with ‌iCloud‌ Mail.

The ability to use a custom email address for iCloud is not to be confused with Hide My Email, a separate iCloud+ feature that allows users to create unique, random email addresses that forward to their personal inbox so they can send and receive email without having to share their real email address. The guys over at MacRumours, have detailed on how you do this on your device.

Anyhow, I used to subscribe to Microsoft 365 emails, as you can see the costs add up when you have a number of small businesses you run. Ever since Apple have released iOS 15.4, I’ve been playing with the service that allows you to have up to 5 custom domains within 1 Apple ID.

So for those who have a family blog, and wish to obtain an email address that goes off their domain, they can easily obtain various email addresses, as long they are a member of the family Apple ID.

This is generous of Apple, with only 1 family subscription of $47.95 per month, you get 2TB of storage of your photos, all the Apple Music you can muster, Apple TV, and of course, up to 5 domain names, and 3 email addresses each for your family to enjoy and use.

If you heed any help, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be glad to come out and configure all this out for you. This is also handy for plumbers, electricians, builders alike.