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Android or Apple

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So it’s time for you to upgrade your device/s. And you are reading up so many different posts in regards to which one to go for.

There are great articles on line. Tom’s hardware and David’s site are good sources. But you have to remember, as easy each platform tries to make it easier for you to move from one platform to another, like Apple here. At the end of the day, you will need to recognise what works for you best. What you have invested in so far in regards to your office and your business work flow.

You will need to talk to your consultant as to what is best. For me, I can live and work with both platforms, however Apple has a winning edge here in my household. I love how things just works, and not much customisation required from my end.

One thing for sure though, your carrier also plays a big part in making this decision. Coverage, data speeds are just among the few.

What are your thoughts? Is your business Android or Apple?

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